Seedling genetics

Industry professionals have implemented a strict production plan in collaboration with competent authorities to achieve a high-quality standard.

A multi-year production plan

Seed potatoes generations, categories and classes

All of the plant material used for reproduction comes from in vitro culture. It is produced and tested in the lab to ensure it complies with the variety and is free of harmful organisms.

The seedlings produced by in vitro culture are then used to start the first year of reproduction, protected from contamination in a greenhouse or insect-proof tunnel, disinfected soil, or soilless culture. This step leads to the production of mini-tubers making up the G0 generation.

From the mini-tubers produced, 6 to 8 reproductions follow in the field, under favorable sanitary conditions and by specialized growers.

Depending on the quality level, the plant is assigned a class for certification and sale after analyses have been carried out for each reproduction generation.

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