Industry advocacy and defense

The SEMAE Potato Seedling Department groups representatives of the professional federations of the potato seedling industry, who jointly decide on initiatives to finance for the benefit of all. Their contributions help launch marketing campaigns to promote or defend the industry

Ambitious communication campaigns

In 2022/2023, the SEMAE launched two ambitious communication campaigns approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, a press release was issued to warn the public about the worrying situation of the seedling industry at a time of widespread inflation and growing technical and economic uncertainty.

These initiatives are consistent with other communication campaigns funded in previous years.

Website redesign for

Showcase of the sector, co-managed by SEMAE and the FN3PT, this site was about twenty years old and required a complete update of its content, its graphic charter and its architecture.

This new site notably highlights the interprofessional actions implemented by the SEMAE Potato Plants Section Council.

“Your seedling is waiting for you” campaign

Growing your own potatoes

This campaign, initiated by the Garden Market Commission, aimed to raise gardeners’ awareness of buying seedlings early in garden centers and keeping them for several weeks or even months before planting. The campaign was structured around a landing page and was also promoted on Facebook, through sponsorships on, Youtube, and partnerships with garden influencers.

This campaign will be renewed each year in January-February with sponsored ads on social networks.

See campaign

Publishing a press release “French potato seedlings: an endangered industry”.

In December 2022, the Department Council appealed to the President of the Republic and the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty to be mindful of the difficulties faced by the seedling industry and the threats in the near future.

Read the press release

Past communication campaigns

Video tutorials for amateur gardeners

In 2018, the sector financed the production of 13 video tutorials intended for amateur gardeners. Their objectives: to promote the simplicity of potato cultivation and to promote new ways of growing in the city for those who do not have a vegetable garden.

These tutorials are still available on the SEMAE Youtube channel:

Communication campaign “Plant certifié, une évidence”

In 2019 was launched an ambitious campaign to promote the certified plant, to promote the production process of the certified seed potato and to enhance its sanitary and agronomic qualities, it is based on several resources:

  • Video reports with interviews with professionals in the sector
  • A specific brochure
  • A set of detailed web pages hosted on the SEMAE website and on
  • An short animation presenting the process of control and certification of the plant
  • An animated video presenting the journey of the seed potato
  • A communication kit available free of charge (brochure, animations, email signature, web banner).

This campaign was promoted via a press release, a web media plan and a sponsored campaign on Twitter.

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