French production

In 2022, over 23,500 ha produced over 700,000 tonnes of certified seedlings in France, of which 250,000 were exported, making France the world’s 2nd largest seedling exporter. Find out more about the key figures for the French industry below.

Trend in certified seedlings production area by major production region

Trend in refusal rate for certified seedlings production areas

2013 Harvest2014 Harvest2015 Harvest2016 Harvest2017 Harvest2018 Harvest2019 Harvest2020 Harvest2021 Harvest2022 Harvest
Accepted area (ha)17 38018 44718 96518 96220 71621 57422 48723 52923 68722 981
Refused area (ha)4282994321 072418721704631674559
Refusal rate2,4 %1,6 %2,2 %5,4 %2,0 %3,2 %3,0 %2,6 %2,8 %2,4 %

Number of seedling producers by planting year

Planting year2013201420152016201720182019202020212022
Number of producers801827806797792798784796806784
Average area per producer (ha)22,222,724,125,126,727,929,630,430,230,0

Trend in certified quantities (t) for 3 categories of seedlings

Trend in potato seedling exports

Trend in French imports of potato seedlings

Areas planted with the top 10 varieties in 2022

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