Choosing the right varieties

There are over 100 varieties of potatoes available on the French amateur market. These varieties feature different characteristics in maturity, flavor, yield, tuber shape, skin color, conservation and cooking qualities.

A wide range of potatoes for every taste

Given this diversity, how do you choose which plants to grow in your garden? We’ve put together a few simple guidelines to help you make the right choice for your garden. Ask specialist retailers for advice to make sure you’ve selected the right variety! They offer a wide range of strains and will advise you on the varieties best suited to your needs.

Firm flesh varieties for gourmets

Potato varieties have different cooking characteristics. If you’re a gourmet gardener, choose the “firm flesh” category. They have fine flesh, a distinctive taste and good cooking qualities. As they hold up well to steaming or browning, they are the perfect choice for these dishes, as well as for salads and for baking. They’ll be a delight for the whole family.

Early-maturing varieties for impatients

Not all varieties reach maturity at the same speed! Early or very early varieties have a shorter maturity cycle (around 70 days for the fastest) and can be harvested as early as late spring. You’ll need to eat them soon after harvesting, as they don’t have the same shelf life as later varieties.


Early harvest potatoes are potatoes harvested before maturity. These potatoes have smaller, firmer tubers and a very thin skin that peels off easily. They are perfect for frying or salads, but cannot be stored for long. To produce increasingly large tubers, we recommend spreading out the harvest between May and the end of July.

Starchy varieties for French fries

For crisp, low-fat French fries and smooth, hearty purées, choose varieties with a starchy, soft, melting flesh, rich enough in dry content. Harvested when fully ripe, they produce large tubers that are also suitable for soups, stews and baking.

Varieties to eat all winter long

For best potato storage, we recommend choosing varieties with good storage capacity, usually semi-early to late varieties (110 to 150 days of growth), for best storage results. Potatoes for storing purposes should be harvested from September to October, at full maturity, when all the leaves have wilted.

Once you’ve removed any injured tubers, you can store them in a ventilated, dry place, away from light.

Varieties in every shape and color!

Depending on the variety, the tubers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to appeal to all tastes:

  • Shapes: round, oblong, collar-shaped (narrowing at one end), kidney-shaped (arched and pointed at the ends), etc.
  • Color: usually yellow, the skin can also be red or pinkish.

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